Remembering Jerryl

This site was created in memory of Jerryl Kay Duncan. A loving wife, sister, mother, and friend.


Born in Rome, New York


Jerryl Kay Duncan (1969-2021) 51, went home on March 11, 2021 after a long, courageous battle with COVID-19. She passed very peacefully doing what she loved to do most, holding hands. Jerryl was born in Rome, New York on December 2, 1969 and spent her childhood in Fort Worth, Texas. Her family later moved to Roswell, New Mexico where she graduated from Roswell High School in 1989. After high school Jerryl, resided in Phoenix for a short period of time before moving to Lake Geneva Wisconsin where she spent over 20 loving years married to Michael Lux. She had many fond memories of her time in Lake Geneva with Michael and their sons, Walter and Andrew Lux. After Michael's passing in 2010, she relocated to Phoenix in to be closer to her beloved mother, Sandra Drake.

Back in Phoenix, she began a new career working for the Department of Child Safety as an Administrative Assistant. Her time at DCS introduced her to best friends, Dani Hall, Amanda Kindle, and Amanda Santiago; a friendship thick as thieves that included many weekends and vacations together. Shortly after her arrival, I found myself stuttering as I introduced myself to the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. We began a friendship that continued for a few years where I learned that her beauty extended far beyond her looks. In 2017, I finally worked up the courage to ask her out on a date and to my surprise, she agreed. In 2018, I was again amazed and blessed when she said “yes” and became my wife.

Jerryl was the best wife a man could ever ask for and I am so blessed to have called her mine. She was the most amazing person; loving, dedicated, intelligent, giving, and unique to say the least. She did not hesitate to take charge and was always the person who “got shit done.” When she stepped in, things not only got done but they got done “the Jerryl way” which, of course, was always the right way. She was the type of person that lit up every room she ever walked into. People gravitated to her for her knowledge, approachability, kindness, and big beautiful blue eyes. She was funny as hell and had many “Jerryl’isms” we all know and loved including “what a gong show,” “what’s her bucket,” and my personal favorite, “fuckery.”

She had the unique ability to fit into any crowd or atmosphere. Often, I was amazed that she could be wearing a designer outfit with hair and make-up done, then picking up dog shit or helping me shovel gravel a few minutes later. A true diva, Jerryl loved to shop as evidenced by her 100+ pair collection of shoes, 80+ collection of nail polish, and her wardrobe that required three different closets. She loved make-up, fashion, jewelry and often used her knowledge of these things to “transform” friends and family. She was also an amazing artist with her most recent love being rock paintings.

She was not only an amazing wife, but a loving and caring mother to four children who were not even biologically hers. She was also the best friend, a dedicated employee, and the ultimate dog lover. Anyone who met Stella knew how deep her love for was for her and how Stella was basically an extension of her. Through her newest pup, one-year-old, Sophie, she has already embodied Jerryl in dog form with all of the same energy and feistiness.

During the days Jerryl was hospitalized, her primary concern was whether I was bringing pizza and donuts to the Doctors and Nurses treating her. At one point her doctor informed me that she only had hours to live. She politely gave him the middle finger and survived two more weeks. Two days prior to her passing, I spoke with her nurse who informed me she was on three different sedatives, including a paralytic. Somehow, she was responding to him by shaking and nodding her head. There was no explanation for how this was occurring and he had never heard of something like this. He later informed me that in his many years of being a nurse, he had never seen someone fight as hard as she did. In a nutshell, these stories sum up who Jerryl was and how she lived her life as our generous, loving, courageous warrior princess.

Jerryl will be missed by so many and never forgotten. Her memory lives on through many of us as we learned so much from her. She fought this horrible sickness the way she tackled everything in her life with strength and grace. Though she left us much too early she lived life on her own terms full of love and happiness. We are comforted by the fact that her suffering in that hospital bed has come to an end. She is now reunited with her father, mother, brother, Stella, and so many other friends who were waiting for her. Rest assured, there is a new angel running shit in heaven now.

Jerryl is survived by her husband, Jeff Duncan, sisters, Lizzy Rutherford (Graham), Natalie Jones Copeland (Norman) and children, Walter Lux, Andrew Lux, Hannah Schwartzkopf (Josh), Tyler Duncan, and her newest love, Sophie (her Yorkie). She is preceded in death by her father, Jerry Jones, mother Sandra Drake, brother, Brian, and longtime love and companion, Stella (her Yorkie), and countless friends.

When you’re thinking of Jerryl, please have a coke (with crushed ice) and some peanut M&M’s. I can absolutely guarantee you she’s looking down saying, “get your shit together.”

We love you so much, Jerryl, and will miss you more than words can explain. See you on the beach babe, I trust that you will have a big margarita waiting for me.

-Jeff Duncan

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